Glucose Journal and Database

A database program for people with diabetes who test their blood sugar. Record, analyze, and organize glucose test results. Keep an organized computer journal or diary of important blood sugar test records. Glucose test results are always perfectly

Glucose Tracker  v.7 2

Glucose Tracker is a small application that is developed to simplify the procedure of glucose data logging. It saves all statistics about changes in a user's glucose level for a certain period of time.


FutureWare Personal Glucose Tracker  v.

FutureWare Personal Glucose Tracker is an application that maintains and displays daily readings in a set of color-coded bar charts, which can be printed in tabular and bargraph form on any desktop printer.

My Blood Glucose  v.1 10

My Blood Glucose software can help you track your blood glucose levels so you can self manage and control your blood glucose levels. My Blood Glucose is designed to be easy to use. We have a wide range of users from young people to seniors.

Glucose Tracker Plus  v.

Glucose Tracker Plus by HealthSaaS can help you take control of your diabetes. Updates with v2.0 include: - Customizeable reminders - New, easier device pairing (under the Settings page) - More intuitive and simple UI - Plenty of bug fixes!

OnTrack Glucose  v.

OnTrack Glucose is a free blood glucose and A1C tracking application. With OnTrack, you can add, edit, and delete your glucose readings for today.

Glucose Diary  v.

Full featured glucose control and tracking application for anyone using insulin to manage Diabetes. Tracks not only glucose levels but everything that can affect them including diet, exercise and insulin. **Unrestricted Trail Version** Data can be

Glucose Log  v.

This application provides an easy and simple way for user to record and monitor glucose levels (in both US or international metric).

Medical Diary ( MD )

MD, the Medical Diary, or Medical journal, lets you chart your glucose values, cholesterol, blood pressure and pulse rates as well as your weight, either as 3D charts, or lists and and they can be printed as such. It also allows you to keep a journal, or

PrintAGlucoseDiary  v.1.0

Record and track your important blood sugar test results with neatly printed daily or weekly blood glucose diary sheets for your hand-kept blood sugar records.

OmniPod PathFinder  v.1.0

The OmniPod Pathfinder 1.0 Data Management Software enables OmniPod Insulin Management System users and their healthcare providers to view recent blood glucose and insulin delivery records.

Dietrine Patch

Dietrine Patch is a phrase 2 carbohydrate blocker that allows you to lose weight. It works by blocking carbohydrates from being converted to glucose and being entered into the bloodstreams. Since carbs are blocked, it can block up to 33% of all fats being

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